Welcome to the Online Application Portal for Josephite Kindergarten

The online application portal for Jr. KG admissions is now closed. No further applications will be accepted. You will be informed about the submission of forms via the website and SMS. Kindly DO NOT come to the school premises to submit your applications unless you are called to do so.

We are pleased to offer the candidates whose form numbers are listed below admission to our school in the Jr. KG pending payment of fees and submission of the Municipal Birth certificate in original.

The date of the fee payment is on  is on the 9th and 11th of April, 2016 per the time slots and appointments given below. Do not be late for your appointment. There will be no rescheduling. If you fail to come on the above mentioned days the admission will be cancelled.

Form No Date Time
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1010502-Jr Kg-0001 9 April 9:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1015100-Jr Kg-0002 9 April 9:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1015202-Jr Kg-0008 9 April 9:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1015126-Jr Kg-0011 9 April 9:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1015094-Jr Kg-0012 9 April 9:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1015303-Jr Kg-0013 9 April 9:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1015109-Jr Kg-0016 9 April 9:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1015371-Jr Kg-0018 9 April 9:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1015390-Jr Kg-0019 9 April 9:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1014864-Jr Kg-0020 9 April 9:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1015415-Jr Kg-0021 9 April 9:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1015096-Jr Kg-0022 9 April 9:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1015368-Jr Kg-0023 9 April 9:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1005234-Jr Kg-0024 9 April 9:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1015380-Jr Kg-0026 9 April 9:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1015460-Jr Kg-0028 9 April 9:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1015472-Jr Kg-0029 9 April 9:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1014976-Jr Kg-0031 9 April 9:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1015603-Jr Kg-0036 9 April 9:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1015613-Jr Kg-0037 9 April 9:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1015296-Jr Kg-0038 9 April 9:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1015628-Jr Kg-0040 9 April 9:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1015593-Jr Kg-0043 9 April 9:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1015720-Jr Kg-0045 9 April 9:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1015104-Jr Kg-0048 9 April 9:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1015712-Jr Kg-0049 9 April 10:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1015641-Jr Kg-0050 9 April 10:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1015710-Jr Kg-0051 9 April 10:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1015756-Jr Kg-0054 9 April 10:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1015706-Jr Kg-0055 9 April 10:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1015768-Jr Kg-0056 9 April 10:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1007791-Jr Kg-0057 9 April 10:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1015789-Jr Kg-0059 9 April 10:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1015687-Jr Kg-0060 9 April 10:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1015478-Jr Kg-0061 9 April 10:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1015700-Jr Kg-0062 9 April 10:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1015798-Jr Kg-0063 9 April 10:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1015825-Jr Kg-0064 9 April 10:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1015844-Jr Kg-0067 9 April 10:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1015806-Jr Kg-0068 9 April 10:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1010866-Jr Kg-0069 9 April 10:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1015213-Jr Kg-0070 9 April 10:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1014983-Jr Kg-0071 9 April 10:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1014962-Jr Kg-0073 9 April 10:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1015318-Jr Kg-0075 9 April 10:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1015861-Jr Kg-0076 9 April 10:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1015520-Jr Kg-0079 9 April 10:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1008933-Jr Kg-0081 9 April 10:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1016071-Jr Kg-0082 9 April 10:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1015972-Jr Kg-0083 9 April 10:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1015988-Jr Kg-0084 9 April 10:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1015831-Jr Kg-0088 9 April 10:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1016181-Jr Kg-0093 9 April 11:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1016268-Jr Kg-0096 9 April 11:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1015512-Jr Kg-0097 9 April 11:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1015696-Jr Kg-0100 9 April 11:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1015537-Jr Kg-0101 9 April 11:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1015679-Jr Kg-0103 9 April 11:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1016060-Jr Kg-0104 9 April 11:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1015680-Jr Kg-0106 9 April 11:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1016397-Jr Kg-0108 9 April 11:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1016407-Jr Kg-0110 9 April 11:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1016275-Jr Kg-0111 9 April 11:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1015676-Jr Kg-0112 9 April 11:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1016277-Jr Kg-0113 9 April 11:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1016187-Jr Kg-0114 9 April 11:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1016278-Jr Kg-0116 9 April 11:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1016261-Jr Kg-0119 9 April 11:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1015784-Jr Kg-0122 9 April 11:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1016270-Jr Kg-0123 9 April 11:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1015851-Jr Kg-0126 9 April 11:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1016192-Jr Kg-0127 9 April 11:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1016093-Jr Kg-0129 9 April 11:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1015364-Jr Kg-0132 9 April 11:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1015659-Jr Kg-0135 9 April 11:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1016523-Jr Kg-0141 9 April 11:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1016384-Jr Kg-0144 9 April 11:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1015326-Jr Kg-0145 11 April 9:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1016758-Jr Kg-0146 11 April 9:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1016836-Jr Kg-0150 11 April 9:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1016646-Jr Kg-0152 11 April 9:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1016557-Jr Kg-0153 11 April 9:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1016704-Jr Kg-0154 11 April 9:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1016910-Jr Kg-0157 11 April 9:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1009744-Jr Kg-0160 11 April 9:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1016585-Jr Kg-0161 11 April 9:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1017087-Jr Kg-0165 11 April 9:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1017132-Jr Kg-0168 11 April 9:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1016701-Jr Kg-0175 11 April 9:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1017214-Jr Kg-0176 11 April 9:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1017741-Jr Kg-0178 11 April 9:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1017859-Jr Kg-0182 11 April 9:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1011568-Jr Kg-0185 11 April 9:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1015847-Jr Kg-0188 11 April 9:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1017389-Jr Kg-0191 11 April 9:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1018455-Jr Kg-0204 11 April 9:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1018468-Jr Kg-0210 11 April 9:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1018329-Jr Kg-0215 11 April 9:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1018686-Jr Kg-0217 11 April 9:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1018786-Jr Kg-0220 11 April 9:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1018799-Jr Kg-0229 11 April 9:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1015331-Jr Kg-0230 11 April 9:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1017091-Jr Kg-0232 11 April 10:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1019122-Jr Kg-0240 11 April 10:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1019242-Jr Kg-0242 11 April 10:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1018844-Jr Kg-0244 11 April 10:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1019495-Jr Kg-0269 11 April 10:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1020188-Jr Kg-0271 11 April 10:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1016036-Jr Kg-0272 11 April 10:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1019861-Jr Kg-0276 11 April 10:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1020592-Jr Kg-0290 11 April 10:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1021803-Jr Kg-0301 11 April 10:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1021600-Jr Kg-0304 11 April 10:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1022577-Jr Kg-0307 11 April 10:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1022570-Jr Kg-0308 11 April 10:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1020475-Jr Kg-0313 11 April 10:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1022846-Jr Kg-0314 11 April 10:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1021956-Jr Kg-0323 11 April 10:00am
SSSSAK-2016-2017-1023041-Jr Kg-0325 11 April 10:00am